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Sponsor a Student

It costs US$300 to send one student to high school for a year and costs about $600 to send one student to University for a year.

Some of our students want to be doctors.  Others want to be teachers, or engineers.  You can make these dreams a reality for one of our students.  You will be able to exchange phone numbers with the student, and communicate through letters, skype, and email.  You will be able to develop an invaluable relationship that can last a lifetime.  

If you are interested, contact us at lefdirectors@gmail.com, and we can connect you with a student and come up with a payment schedule that works for you.  You can sponsor a student as an individual, as a group, or through a business or organization that you work with. 


Start a Chapter at your school

The Liberian Education Fund is all about creating connections between students.

You and your classmates can become a part of this movement by starting an LEF Chapter at your high school.

All you need is a few people dedicated to giving Liberian youth the opportunity to go to school.   We will give you all the information and support you need to make this possible—from how to connect with the students in Liberia to how to hold a successful fundraiser.   You can choose the number of students that you would like to sponsor.  Remember, if you can raise just $300 in a year, that is enough to change one students life.

If you are interested in starting a high school chapter, contact us at lefdirectors@gmail.com.