Belfast Area High School, Belfast ME

As the Liberian Education Fund was first begun in Belfast, the Belfast Area High School (BAHS) chapter is the oldest chapter. The BAHS chapter has grown with the organization and has helped to grow many of the current leaders of the Liberian Education Fund. Currently, they are support nine high schools students and two university students. Some of their bigger fundraisers are usually a school semi-formal dance, a raffle in town, and often-musical events like coffeehouses. The BAHS chapter has also had one of the more creative (some might say crazy) fundraisers LEF has ever seen – a fundraiser to tape the BAHS vice-principal to the wall! Although a little bit nuts, the fundraiser is a great example of the great support that the LEF chapter has from the BAHS community. This year, co-presidents Zach Dyer and Ian Snowdeal will lead LEF in Belfast. 


Camden Hills Regional High School, Camden ME


The Camden Hills Regional High School has grown ambitiously with a group of extremely dedicated students. The Camden chapter is currently supporting five high school students and one university student. They are known for strategic planning of bake sales in downtown Camden to coincide with community-wide events. This has helped to raise awareness about LEF in the community-at-large. They also recently hosted a very successful Contra Dance fundraiser that everyone hopes will become an annual institution. Additionally, the Camden chapter did a special fundraiser for Ebola relief in Fall 2014, to support the students in Liberia who were bravely raising awareness about the protection from Ebola in their communities. This year, Harper Gordon will be leading the Camden chapter. 


Charlotte Country Day School, Charlotte NC

Far away from Maine, the Charlotte Country Day LEF chapter in Charlotte, North Carolina, was founded when some students of their own initiative decided they wanted to reach out and start a chapter. Still in its early stages, the chapter is supporting two students currently, but will surely continue to grow. The chapter is known for hosting very popular pizza fundraisers in school. Additionally, the chapter is part of a larger coalition of service clubs at its school, which helps to form a community and support. During the Ebola epidemic many of these students both in LEF and in other service groups got together to write letters to the students in Liberia. This year, Hunter Whitney will be leading the Charlotte Country Day LEF for her second year.


 Watershed School, Camden ME

The Watershed School is a small charter school in downtown Camden, Maine. The members of LEF there often joke that over half their school is involved! Even in a school of about forty students, this is very impressive and a testament to the amazing community at the School. The Watershed chapter was the second high school chapter to be formed, and they have grown quickly. They are currently supporting five high school students. The Watershed school has a very popular wreath sale each year near the holidays; this is not only a great fundraiser, but also a chance for the students in the chapter to bond and get to know each other as they make the wreathes by hand. They also host regular bake sales in their school, and have a very successful annual 5k “Run for Liberia” in the spring. This year, Hallie McDougal and Jerin Brooks will lead the Watershed LEF as co-presidents.