Meet our New University Students from Liberia!

Younyou Teekpeh

Where did you grow up?  I grew up in Ganta city Nimba County

How many brothers & sisters do you have?  I have five (5) brothers and six (6) sisters

What are some challenges you faced while growing up?  Some of the challenges I faced while I was growing up was, i was putting out of classes for school fees, and I had to sell cold water to buy things I would used for school, (Books, pen,) etc.

What are you most proud of?  Thanks, I am proud of been a part of LEF today which had done so much for me that i am a graduated from high school. One brother and I are the only ones in my family who have graduated high school, and by God’s grace I will be the first person to enter college.

Where do you want to attend college?  I want to study IT at the Starz college of science and Technology

Why are you interested in studying that subject/career?  I am interested in IT because Technology makes everything easy for us, and I hope to share my knowledge with my country and the world at large.



Enoch Zuo

Where did you grow up?  I was born in Liberia in 1993, but I grew up in neighboring country Ivory Coast because when I was three years after the civil conflict started in our part of the country. I was in Ivory Coast from 1995 to 2003 and later returned to Liberia as a result of the Ivorian war. I was 10 years old when I returned home to Liberia.

How many brothers & sisters do you have?  I have 10 siblings: 3 brothers and 7 sisters.

What are some challenges you faced while growing up?  I faced several challenges. The first was Migration. My parents and I moved from one place to another in search of survivability that which caused a very serious delay in my education and made be to graduate lately from High school.  Second, my stay at a Guinea refugees camp for three years without being in school was a big challenge. Third, the death of my father.  After my father passed away it has been another major challenge for me because I have no one to help me besides LEF.

What are you most proud of?  I am proud to be a High School graduate and high diploma holder among many uneducated Liberians, I am also proud to be a volunteer working as a practical journalist at a local community radio station. I am the Director of radio program. I usually report on issues affecting our country most especially affecting young people such as unemployment, substandard education, security, poverty on the increase and a lot more. I have been volunteering with the radio for the past three years from January 24, 2015 up to present.

Where do you want to attend college?  I want to attend college in Monrovia and hope to do Computer Science/Information Technology. My interest in the course is because Liberia lacks enough computer specialists and Technology is improving so I want to help improve my country's technology system.



Frances Tarpeh

Where are you from?  I am from the West Point community in Monrovia.

What are your favorite classes?  I have two favorite classes this semester. They are Chemistry and Physics. These are classes which relate to my intended field of study.

What is your major?  Engineering

Why do you want to study engineering?  I have a passion for engineering and it fascinates me. Engineering is a course worth studying, because it brings development to a country and it's people. It protects the society and benefits mankind. For an underdeveloped country like Liberia, Engineers are needed to help manage the country's natural resources and carry on constructions for sustainability to help alleviate poverty.

Are you involved in any clubs or organizations on your campus?  For the engineering college there aren't many clubs or organizations on campus. I have met some volunteers of the UL Scholars Program who have encouraged me to be a part of the Liberia Society of Women Engineers (LSWE). An organization which comprises of engineering students from all Universities within Liberia to empowered young women in engineering. I look forward to my first semester GPA which would qualify me to become a member of the UL Scholars Program. This program will enable me to give back immensely.  I also was part of a recent protest against rape and abuse of women.