My Struggle

My Struggle

It is great thing to be able to share your own stories, to know that others can hear your voice, feel your pain, and take joy from your triumphs.  I privileged to have the technology and skills to be able to express my own stories to friends, family, and even strangers across the world.  Today, I am happy to use this platform to give a very close friend the chance to also share his story.


I am Teloe Moore.

I was born on November 10, 1989.

It was as a boy when I started to know myself.  To go through the wall of high school was not an easy task.  I called this period in my life MICHEIF, meaning “my struggle”.

The struggle began when I was 15 years old.  As a boy in junior high school, my parents were financially ill.  I grew up with my mother and father.  They never introduced me to any aunties or uncles.  All I thought was that I have no relatives.  My mother died on November 10, 2000.  I was left with my father alone.  She was sick for 3 years and died at the J.F. Kennedy Hospital in Monrovia.

That same year, I obtained a scholarship sponsored by a church.  I maintained this scholarship for two years.  After that the scholarship dissolved.  I was left on the way.  My father was out of job at the time.  My brother was sponsored by his friend’s family.  I had to drop out of school for two years.

My parents had 11 children and only one was in school at that time.  All my sisters were high school dropouts.  Some had kids and didn’t want to go back to school any more.  They believe that they were too big to sit in class with the little children.

One day, I took my soccer shoes and went on the football field.  After training, I was called to play for an elementary school.  It was called Christian Institute.  I took the challenge.  At that time, I was in the sixth grade.  I was so happy to see myself back in school.  All I prayed to God was to be an educated man.  I wanted to help the society, my country Liberia.  I never wanted to be like my sisters who were high school dropouts.  When I got in the eighth grade, I got another scholarship to play for a school called All God’s Children (AGC).  This school was supported by a youth group in America.  I became president for the ninth grade and the administration made me president for the entire school.  All that time, I was playing for a first division club called Jubilee F.C.  which is now a Premier Club in the Republic of Liberia.  God gave me a talent and I used my talent to sponsor myself in school.

That year I graduated from AGC and I had to continue to senior high school.  It was on Sunday afternoon when I met Uncle Joe.  He was a deacon in my church.  He asked me, how much money the team pay you per month? Who are your parents?  How are you managing with school?  He ask me all these questions because I was the youngest on the team at that time I told him my mother is dead.  She died when I was in the 4th grade.  My father is jobless.  He does note have money to pay my fees in school.  I play football to send myself to school.  He said, how are you going to manage this year?  I said to him, “I know God will provide a way out for me.”

He gave me his phone number and asked me to call him the next day.  When I call him, he said to me, I have a scholarship for you.  Go and get all the necessary information from the school you want to go and get back to me as soon as possible.  I was so happy.  When I got in school, he started to help me with lunch and transportation to go to school.  I told my father about Uncle Joe, that he was the one who was helping me in school.  For every time my father will want to meet uncle Joe, he is always busy.  Then my father said to me, I will meet him on your graduation day.  After two weeks in school, Uncle Joe called me and said you have been sponsored by an organization in the U.S.  They are students in high school who raise funds to send you to school.  He took me around to meet the other students that were on the same program.  I was so happy to be part of this group.

At the end of my senior year in school, after I finished with my national exam, my father got sick.  He was sick for two weeks and he died on a Sunday.  I went to play football and when I came home, I met my sisters crying, that our daddy is no more.  I began to cry, I called uncle Joe that my father is dead.  Uncle Joe was feeling so down hearted because he never met my father till he died.

Now that my both parents are dead.  I am out of high school.  I’m believing in God to send me to university.

Thank God for the Liberian Education Fund.  I pray that God will bless all those who are trying to give knowledge to we the Liberian youth.  It will always be my prayer that God will bless those who bless us.

L.E.F. is my family now.  I love you, but God loves you best.

-Teloe Moore